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Easy Instructions

Who likes to read a manual!
Almost nobody?

That's why we and @HomeArts put together a state-of-the-art streaming process that's so easy, you probably don't need instructions. We encourage you to start with the FIND A GREAT MOVIE! button on The Virtual State home page, follow your intuition, and just go for it!

There are two good things to know first.

You need a new Member Code
to get your 50% discount.

You'll be asked to create
a new account the first time
you rent a movie on the
streaming site.

These things apply
even if you're already a
State & Bijou Member or Friend
of the Traverse City Film Festival.

Get your new Virtual State
Member Code


Okay. Alright. We hear you.
The "just go for it" approach is all well and good for the adventurers, but some of us feel more comfortable with preliminary guidance before wandering alone into the virtual forest. With that in mind, please join us for a step-by-step guided tour to the heart of virtual cinema nirvana.

"A journey of a 1000 movies
begins with a single click... or tap."

Tap the FIND A GREAT MOVIE! button on our home page. That takes you to The Virtual State movie-selection palace.

Scroll though the list of Just Great Movies. Tap any of them to bring up the movie's trailer, description, awards, and critic's reviews. Most descriptions also include insightful comments by The Virtual State Theatre curator and Traverse City Film Festival founder, Michael Moore. Each week, 1 to 3 new films will become available.

Rent now. STEP 3.
When the right movie calls to you, tap the RENT NOW! tab. A sequence of pop-up boxes will appear. These all lead up to paying for the ticket. You can cancel the process at any point before you hit the final Pay button. Screen shots of these boxes appear below. (The screens will be full size at the streaming site.)

First box. Confirmation. Tap the
ON DEMAND button in the first pop-up box.

For your first rental, you will be prompted to create a new account even if you're already a State & Bijou Member, Friend of the Traverse City Film Festival, or new Virtual State Member. It's easy to create your new account. On return visits you only need to enter your email address and password to log in. Tap "Remember me" on the form, and most phones and devices will remember your login on your next visit.

Here's what the account creation forms look like:

First sign-in. On your first visit, tap "Don't have an account?"

Sign up page Fill in the form.

After signing in, the ticket choice and payment forms come up.

Second box. Select Ticket. Tap $12 Ticket Only OR
Ticket + Donation.
The next window will discount the $12 ticket to $6 if you have a member code. Your helpful and generous donation (thank you!) will not be discounted.

Third box. Enter Member Code. Enter your Vitual State member code and payment information. Tap the arrow to see your discount. Donations are not discounted. Tap PAY to complete the purchase!

Fourth box. Final step. Tap OK and you're done! You'll receive a purchase receipt via email.


If you've made it this far, you deserve a parade. All the steps you just saw were burdened with arrows and details that detract from the smooth and simple flow of how it actually works, but now you're informed. You have what you need. You're ready. We have confidence in you. Go for it!


If you'd like further help with any of this, please call or text our Helpline at 231-224-6212 or email help@tcff.org

We're always in this together.

Thank you!


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